The IWDC Centralized Warehouse


Indianapolis, IN and Reno, NV DC Expansion

IWDC's current warehouse in Indianapolis, IN
IWDC's new warehouse in Reno, NV
Declaration of Supply Chain Independence
Here are the Member commitments as lined out in the Declaration:
  • We will direct our Purchasing Department to reviewIWDC's expanded offering.
  • We will direct our Purchasing Departments to change inventory replinishment path to our IWDC DC for IWDC's vendor/product mix. We will make sure our companies buy allw e can buy from our cooperative.
  • We commit to quarterly progress reviews. This commitment is resolute and we will not be swayed by alternative supply chain options.
At our recent owners' meeting, IWDC Staff updated Members on our expansion plans and the rationale for this significant initiative. Opening up our Reno DC:
  • Doubles IWDC warehouse capacity
  • Expands Vendor / product mix for entire Membership
  • Shortens response time for Western geogrpahy Members
  • Makes us more attractie new Vendors, new Members
  • Provides a significant profit opportunitiy
IWDC members unanimously committed support by signing our "Declaration of Supply Chain Independence."
The IWDC Warehouse program is exclusive to IWDC Members. It encompasses …
  • Member-owned 20,000-square-foot wholesale warehouse operations located in Indianapolis, Indiana and Reno, Nevada.
  • high “inventory turn” products
    • product category examples: MIG, TIG, Oxy/Fuel, manual stick, arc gouging, safety, gas apparatus, and the like
  • a Distribution Center for Weldmark products
  • products manufactured entirely by market-share leading manufacturers, including those products we outsource abroad
  • products that, for the most part, are priced below wholesale
  • an IWDC Warehouse price catalog that Members can view online or request be shipped to them in hard-copy format

As an IWDC Member, you’ll appreciate how major a profit center the IWDC's warehouse operations can be for you. That’s because:

  • Participating Members receive product-category rebates.
  • Participating Members receive all net profits from warehouse operations.
  • The more you purchase, the greater the return you get.
  • All warehouse products are competitively priced.
  • The warehouse operates efficiently, boasting a 97% service fill rate.
  • Member purchase orders are shipped the same day or within 24 hours A.R.O.
  • The IWDC Warehouse prepays freight at $750.00 or more, combined.
Please click on the links below to view more detailed information about what the IWDC Warehouse operations have to offer:

If you need further details on the IWDC Warehouse, contact the IWDC.


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