2020 IWDC Sales and Purchasing Convention

June 9-11, 2020; IWDC Sales & Purchasing Convention

Our Sales and Purchasing Convention is being reinvented into a three-day webinar series. The event will take place between June 9-11th, as planned. Each day, 6 different Gold Sponsors will present to the Membership in 30-minute consecutive segments and at end of the day’s session we will finish with one Member-led workshop.
Members should get a tremendous value as they can attend all 18 different Gold Sponsored presentation where in prior years, they had to pick and choose. Conversely, Vendors get to reach more Members with their key messages. Each presentation will be pre-recorded, while leaving a few minutes at the end for open discussion and questions. An IWDC staff member or Purchasing & Marketing Committee member will facilitate the post-presentation discussion in concert with the Vendor lead.
Members and Vendors will also take advantage of our traditional “Show Specials Book”.
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