Strategic Account Management Program



Our Strategic Account Management (SAM) Program provides end-use customers with an option when they desire to purchase product across multiple manufacturing plant locations under one sourcing agreement.
IWDC Member companies and SAM Program Affiliates band together as a network to offer a choice to multi-location manufacturing plants requiring industrial gases and welding consumables: buy from a multinational who’s profits flow overseas or buy locally so those profits stay in your community.
With hundreds of locations spanning across North America, IWDC Member companies and SAM Program Affiliates can provide a consistent and uniform supply of competitively priced gases, hardgoods, and services. IWDC’s network of companies are local, nimble, customer-focused independent distributors that provide you more: more service, more technical expertise, and more responsiveness in time-critical applications. If there’s ever an issue, rest assured that with access to local decision makers, you won’t be asked to jump through hoops and battle bureaucracy to achieve a quick resolution to your concern.
Through a proven centralized billing platform, our SAM Program provides consistency and streamlined accounting and reporting processes.
In the final analysis, with the IWDC you get the best of both worlds, given that we’re “Locally Owned - Nationally Known.”
If you still want further details, please contact the IWDC.


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