Weldmark Machine: MIG25-140


Weldmark Machine: MIG25-140

Weldmark Machine: MIG25-140


Weldmark MIG25-140 is capable of running .023” to .035” mild steel or stainless steel, .030” - .035” flux cored and .030” aluminum wires. Infinite voltage setting and wire feed speeds make the Weldmark25-140 easy to set and adjust to different materials and thicknesses. 


  • Home projects & repairs
  • Light fabrication
  • Sheet metal and auto body work
  • Farm projects
  • Many more

The Weldmark MIG25-140 package includes:

  • Tweco style Mig gun with 10’ cable
  • Work / ground clamp with 9’ cable
  • Built in gas solenoid valve with dual gauge regulator flowgauge with gas hose.
  • 1 lb spool .023” solid 70S-6 Mig wire
  • Contact tips .030” & .035” (pre-installed .023” contact tip)

Watch a short informative video showing the features, benefits and set up for the Weldmark25-140.

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