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Marvin E. Lampton

Lampton Welding Supply

In the beginning when I was exploring joining the IWDC, I was reluctant to join just to save a few bucks on resale merchandise. Some of my associates in Trend Leaders convinced me that IWDC was much more than that. As we have gotten involved with the buying programs, we have learned we can help structure deals that benefit all IWDC members.

As we compete with the majors, IWDC is one of the best tools we have to compete at lower price levels.

Besides buying deals, the information & interaction at meetings with other IWDC independent distributors is invaluable. We all are in the same boat with similar interests with no majors involved in the venues.

The purchasing savings are significant but, the year -end patronage dividend is unbelievable. The greater the commitment to the IWDC, the greater the dividend! For us, the IWDC is a win/win situation.

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