Sam Strazzanti

ARC Gas & Supply, LLC

As a Member of the IWDC, we have the ability to service customers varying from small companies to large corporations without concern. The efforts of the IWDC purchasing team maintains our ability to purchase products at a lower cost position without compromising our on-time delivery status. This has enabled us to compete with the large competitors in our area while still delivering the desired goals for our bottom line.

The values are numerous, but one that comes to mind is branding. Today, ARC Gas & Supply is marketing and selling our gas and hard-goods products under the Weldmark & PurityPlus umbrella.  Through the efforts of the IWDC staff and its members, these brands have come to be known as the benchmark for quality. We are proud to be associated with our IWDC Member partners throughout the country who represent these products. As a result of this offering, we are known as a high-quality, technically skilled, and cost-conscientious service company.

As a member, I have a biased opinion. Three years ago, when we started our company, my partners and I said, "Who do we want to be in this business?" It was unanimous; we wanted to be a first-class, full-line provider of industrial & specialty gases, welding, cutting and safety supplies.  In order for us to accomplish this, we needed the IWDC. Of the all the other groups available, the IWDC was the only one that could provide the breadth of offering that would give us the ability to service our current customer clientele and also give us the resources required to grow our business profitability without limitations.

We especially appreciate the “Community of Networking” the IWDC has created. It facilitates our interaction with other Members at IWDC meetings and throughout the year. Being able to share advice and experiences this way strengthens each of our businesses and makes the possibilities for growth endless.

We also value the IWDC because …


  1. We are purchasing products from premier manufactures at a reduced rate because of our extensive network of members.
  2. Our association with the IWDC has given us the ability to service our customers outside of our traditional footprint. We have customers being serviced in a multi-state area because of the IWDC.
  3. We are sourcing products from other members as a result of our membership with the IWDC. There is strength in numbers, and the IWDC and its staff provide what we are looking for in a CO-OP.


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