IWDC Owners' Meeting



IWDC Member companies are able to leverage their buying power and promote the sharing of best practices, which helps them grow their businesses in today's ever more competitive and demanding welding and gases industries.

All of this starts with the owners of these Member companies. It's our job at the IWDC to provide an environment where owners can come together and learn about each other's business, share insight into their respective marketplaces and industries, and network with one another. That's where the annual IWDC Owners' Meeting comes in.

The Owners' Meeting is a 3 to 4-day Member-exclusive event consisting of various business sessions, roundtables, seminars, and networking receptions. Owners can expect to listen in on economic and industry-related speakers that broach topics such as profits, performance, national competition, independent companies, mergers and acquisitions, and much more.

In the course of the meeting, owners are able to share information, experiences, and best practices with like-minded business associates. This has proven many times over to open up boundless opportunities. The IWDC staff also reports on updates and operations within the cooperative, thus making owners aware of the successes achieved on their behalf and for their benefit.

If you'd like more information on our Owners' Meeting, please contact the IWDC.


Top 7 Reasons Why Members Like
Attending the Owners' Meeting

7. Venues — What is not to like about the special settings we get to enjoy every Fall? IWDC Owners' Meetings are booked at top-notch U.S. locations, alternating between east or west regions every other year.

6. Recognition — Following the charge of our Member Engagement committee, several types of recognition occur throughout this meeting, including the annual Bob Jackson award and several Member Engagement awards.

5. Shareholder's Update — IWDC is unique in our industry in that each Member company is also an Owner. From the initial equity deposit and any ongoing retained equity, Member/Owners truly have a stake in the enterprise and want to know how that investment is paying off. Your Owners' Meeting is a great venue to get the pulse.

4. Industry Trends — From opening reception until closing dinner, there are many structured and unstructured opportunities to trade information and insight with both staff and fellow Member/Owners. IWDC's staff benefits from significant vendor interactions throughout the year, which convey themes that are shared during the meeting. Likewise, Members bring significant vendor and end-user views from which we can all learn from.

3. Best Practices & Education — Your Owners' Meeting is a great opportunity to soak up relevant ideas on how to continue to raise performance. Guest and keynote speakers address topics ranging from sales and leadership development, e-commerce trends to industrial gas supply/demand dynamics. Best-in-class economists share views on current business conditions and economic outlooks. Perhaps more impactful, fellow Members sharing ideas informally throughout the meeting and during our traditional round table session.

2. Friendships — Your Owners' Meeting is a great opportunity to reconnect with colleagues from years past as well as embark on new relationships. The adage "once you enter the welding industry, you stay" can't be more true and visible at our annual meeting.

1. Networking — The format of our meeting is designed to provide multiple opportunities for mixing, starting with the opening reception through the closing dinner. Optional tours or our traditional golf outing offer unique settings to discuss business and build connections. Recently, for the next-generation segment of our Member/Owners, we have built in both social and business events to foster networking among our younger peer group.

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