Label Solutions Prepares For Global Harmonization (GHS)




Many of you have been hearing about the Global Harmonization System(GHS) that becomes effective June, 2015. This regulatory change was initiated by OSHA as an effort to provide information on compressed gas cylinders (as well as other recognized chemicals) that is a common and coherent approach to classifying and communicating hazard information on labels and the new Safety Data Sheets (SDS). It will standardize information on labels through the use of signal words, pictograms and hazard statements that are more easily recognizable and understood by a variety of users regardless of location or language. Label Solutions has been monitoring GHS since 2012 and working with compressed gas industry leaders to continually update the requirements as they have developed. A change of this magnitude does not become law without a few last-minute corrections and we have responded to these corrections as they were enacted. Although OSHA language is set, the CGA is still working on details of the final language for the C-7. As of this date February 17, 2014, CGA has not finalized its review. Therefor, Label Solutions continues it’s work on label die sizes but can not move forward until recommended wording is finalized. To expedite the transition, we have dedicated one of our regulatory specialists to work exclusively with GHS and she can be reached at


For over 25 years, Label Solutions has been the leading producer of compressed gas and cryogenic labels because of our commitment to our customers, compliance with regulatory requirements and providing you with technical assistance during times of change. Your transition to GHS will be transparent because we are doing our homework so you don’t have to. And, to make that change easier, we will continue to use the same part numbers that you have been ordering. We’ll continue to update you as things become effective. Included with this notice is a comparison of old & new GHS labels.


** Once the regulations are finalized, Label Solutions will be distributing samples of the new label designs and a detailed, four page " Global Harmonization Technical Guide " for use by your personnel **

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