IWDC Testimonials




Brandon Jones

Jones Welding & Industrial Supply, Inc.
"The IWDC has a vision for the future and knows what Independents need in order to compete in the market."   read more

Curt Towne

Depke Gases & Welding Supplies, Inc.
"The IWDC has been a critical part of our success over the 20+ years that we have been involved. I do not believe an equal organization exists."   read more

Mike Barnes

Barnes Welding Supply
Fresno, CA
"In my opinion, the IWDC Co-op represents a well-run, open, and honest business that provides members with high-quality products, services, and revenue."   read more

Sam Strazzanti

ARC Gas & Supply, LLC
"the IWDC purchasing team maintains our ability to purchase products at a lower cost position without compromising our on-time delivery status."   read more

Grant Cockshott

Innovair Group
"Value in IWDC membership for my company is defined by two things: personal growth and commercial benefit. "   read more
Marvin E. Lampton 10-15-12 002.JPG

Marvin E. Lampton

Lampton Welding Supply
"As we compete with the majors, IWDC is one of the best tools we have to compete at lower price levels."   read more

Ricardo Guraieb

Veracruz, Mexico
"The Owners' Meeting provides a great opportunity to meet peers and industry veterans that would give you their two feet even if you are only requesting a hand. The value of the knowledge and know-how ..."   read more

Robert Iverson

Ivey Industries Inc.
Springfield, MA
"The ideas and suggestions from the other members are worth 10 times the resources we use to attend these [annual] meetings."   read more

Brad Peterson

Mississippi Welders Supply
Winona, MN
"IWDC has provided us with value well beyond our financial investment and I would highly recommend membership to anyone considering joining a buying group."   read more
Thomas Crowley.jpg

Thomas Crowley

Arco Welding Supply Co.
"Arco Welding Supply has been part of the IWDC for more than 20 years. The friends and family relationships we have built with other Members in that time are priceless."   read more
Louis Centofanti.jpg

Louis Centofanti

Commercial Miscellaneous Sales, LLC.
"As a small welding supply company, the IWDC has been extremely valuable for us to be able to compete against the majors and larger independent welding distributors. Also, it is great to have the Weldm..."   read more
Miguel Wheelock.jpg

Miguel Wheelock

"Attending [the Owners' Meeting] allows us to stop along the way, review the environment, see the challenges and opportunities to have a better 2024."   read more
Ned Lane.jpg

Ned Lane

CK Supply
"IWDC has been a great organization in assisting us to streamline our purchases to many small vendors that we used to have to deal with on our own."   read more

Ben Ciceri

Core Industrial Gases Inc.
"The Owners' Meetings are a unique opportunity to meet with people who are deeply understand our industry and are facing similar challenges to those we face on a day to day basis. We find it an indispe..."   read more
James Callow.jpg

James Callow

Simcoe Gases Inc.
"We have found a lot of value in IWDC and the Owners' Meetings. After each meeting, our to do list has grown. The IWDC has been a great resource for hard good purchases as well as allowing our company ..."   read more
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IWDC Celebrates 30th Anniversary - Continues to Evolve as an Organization!

Indianapolis, IN – June 5, 2024 – Just over three decades ago the Independent Welding Distributors Association (I.W.D.A.) formed the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC) and shortly afterwards merged with the Key Distribution Group (KDG).

IWDC Staff Update - Jayna Goodrich
We are pleased to announce that effective Friday, March 1, Jayna Goodrich joined IWDC as Accounting Manager.
IWDC Staff Update - Kayla Robinson
We are pleased to announce Kayla Robinson’s expanded role, effective Monday, April 1, as IWDC Accounting Supervis...