Member FAQs


The IWDC’s membership criteria are governed by its cooperative bylaws. Generally, Members must be independent (no public ownership) and must be distributors of industrial welding & gases who generate a majority of their sales to end users within the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. There are other factors which require further discussion with appropriate IWDC staff.


First, complete and submit our New Prospective Member Form. Once we receive it, IWDC staff will follow up to discuss next steps and answer questions about the IWDC. Our total application process essentially consists of both parties – you and the IWDC – continuing to exchange information until mutual interest has been verified – or not.



Of course. If necessary, you can search our Membership Directory to find current Members you might want to reach out and talk to. Be sure also to review the Testimonials on this website.


You could – and should – talk to existing IWDC members and our staff about our product sourcing Agreements. Beyond that, the IWDC could work with you to provide a cost savings analysis.


There is a one-time equity deposit, and annual dues are collected thereafter. Both are explained in detail as part of the application process.


IWDC Members each own a voting share, and the cooperative is governed by bylaws filed in the State of California. In addition to having a staff that manages day-to-day operations, a Board of Directors made up of Member principals provides oversight and stewardship.

The IWDC has, at any given time, a half dozen or so active Committees that are formed to tackle ongoing business opportunities. Member personnel serve with the IWDC staff on these Committees, and ideas flow back and forth between the Committees and our entire membership.

Primary IWDC Committees include those devoted to:

Marketing – which focuses on key vendor programs, IWDC’s brands, and Web-based initiatives

Purchasing – which focuses on Volume/Growth/Rebate Agreements with key Vendor partners

Expense Control – which focuses on sourcing Agreements for back-office spend

Besides opportunities provided by serving on Committees or the Board, the IWDC has two annual meetings that provide terrific networking and best-practice sharing opportunities: our Sales & Purchasing Conference and our Owner’s Meeting.
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