IWDC Gas Program


The IWDC developed a comprehensive gas program in the late 1990’s. We recognized that our Member companies could benefit by an aggregation of purchasing and technical support for bulk industrial gases. At the same time, the industrial gas producers could continue to market and grow these products through the cooperative, with a single point of contact and the assurance of prompt payment as well as uniform policies and procedures.

Our gas program has grown from an initial helium contract to provide for the long-term supply of the cryogenic gases oxygen, nitrogen, and argon, as well as gaseous helium, hydrogen, and liquid carbon dioxide. The IWDC also offers its members carbon monoxide, propane, propylene, and fuel gas additives through national agreements with several producers. By combining our volumes, the IWDC is able to offer our Members not only favorable costs today, but assurance of continuous ongoing supply and price protection in the future. The favorable terms of these agreements, along with the excellent working relationships we have with our suppliers, have allowed many Members to expand their activities into microbulk, which has helped our customers expand profitably as their gas volumes have increased.

Depending on the needs of our Members, the IWDC also offers comprehensive training in plant operations, quality assurance, workplace and environmental safety and health. Seminars are offered periodically, taught by leading independent industry experts. What’s more, through our comprehensive vendor/supplier network, we offer state-of-the-art cylinder-fill plant design and fabrication, ongoing service and maintenance, and plant design consulting.

Our gas program links nicely to our already successful vendor management program. IWDC Members have ready access to our contracts with cylinder and cryogenic tank manufacturers as well as related cylinder maintenance suppliers for everything from caps and valves, to coatings, cylinder nets, and labels.

Finally, recognizing a critical marketplace need, the IWDC established PurityPlus® Specialty Gases, a national brand and network of independently owned specialty gas producers all providing consistent, documented, and quality-assured gases throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

If you’d like to know more about our gas program, contact the IWDC.

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