Strategic Account Management


Over the years, Wright Brothers Global Gas has successfully catered to a diverse clientele, spanning clinical research, retail, and automotive industries. The inception of the national accounts program in 2003 stemmed from the specific needs of a local customer, seeking a national supplier capable of providing a streamlined, consolidated electronic invoicing system - an offering not readily available from major suppliers. By joining forces with independent distributors nationwide, the Wright Brothers Global Gas National Accounts Program was born. Clients appreciate the program for its unique blend of supporting local, independent businesses while enjoying the convenience of a nationally adept supplier attuned to their account.

Currently collaborating with over half of the IWDC Members and expanding customer locations across 45 states, the program presents extensive nationwide opportunities. Members are encouraged to share leads or explore potential provider opportunities within their geographic areas. As current customers undergo acquisitions, new locations are integrated into existing contracts.

The IWDC National Accounts Program onboarding process typically unfolds as follows: p

  • The IWDC Member presents Wright Brothers Global Gas with a valid lead, preferably with a contact name, which can be an existing local customer or a new business prospect.
  • WBGG assesses the opportunity, considering factors such as geographic locations, local distributors, product types, market supply, and the financial strength of the company.
  • An introduction is made, showcasing our capabilities and our certified Woman-Owned status.
  • We work through the pain funnel to determine what their needs are.
  • Typically, at this stage, we will have the opportunity to bid on supplying their gases and equipment.
  • We collaborate with distributor partners, both existing and new, to evaluate products, supply chain, economics, and logistics, with a focus on retaining current IWDC distributors serving specific locations.

The ultimate objective is to empower independent businesses to secure or acquire customer locations that might have otherwise been lost to alternative suppliers. "Together we are Stronger."

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