WestAir Expands Oilfield N2 Services and Depot


N2 Services and Depot- WestAir

Oil field work in Texas’ Permian Basin has picked up significantly in 2017. What does this mean for the compressed gas industry? Increased nitrogen demand! In order to keep up with the increased demand for bulk nitrogen and nitrogen services in the oil field, WestAir has invested heavily in equipment and people to meet the demands of customers throughout Texas and surrounding states.

WestAir’s N2 Services equipment includes multiple high rate N2 pumps located throughout Texas and capable of pumping up to 10K psi at a flow rate of 360K cubic ft per hour. To support our pumping capabilities WestAir’s fleet of N2 transports contains 5-6500 gallon N2 transports. Through our IWDC partner, WestAir has access to multiple queen transports holding 16K gallons and king transports holding 22K gallons of N2. WestAir’s fleet of equipment also includes a Chart Liquid Tube Trailer and High Pressure Tube Trailers of various sizes to fit our customer growing demand.

In addition to WestAir’s locations in Springtown and Saginaw, Tx we now have a N2 depot open 24/7 in Dilley, Tx. It’s the first of its kind in the area, our depot houses the King transport capable of storing 22K gallons and made available to supply the local bulk nitrogen demand. The depot is open to the independents, majors, and other N2 Service companies who would prefer to pick up locally as opposed to driving hundreds of miles to the nearest ASU.

Contact WestAir’s N2 Service’s Expert, Rudy de la Fuente for more information on N2 Service’s work and Bulk N2 hauling services at 817-682-0891 or check us out at http://www.westairgases.com/services/nitrogen-pumping.

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